Love Isn't What You Would Expect

by Orion Walsh



Recorded & Produced by Jonathan Jones at the Tabby Cat Room in Woodland, California, September 2015
Except for "This Land is Your Land" recorded by Blake Abbey
All songs written by Orion Walsh (c) 2015
Except "This Land Is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie (Public Domain)
Mastered by Matty Sanders at Fuse Studios in Lincoln, Nebraska
Artwork by Red Rebel Media in Lincoln, Nebraska
Brought to you by The Hunter Records


released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Orion Walsh Lincoln, Nebraska

After a decade of putting out albums and touring, Nebraskan singer-songwriter Orion Walsh has released “7”, his seventh studio album with folk/roots label Sower Records. Full of highly personal storytelling, “7” is truly a mature step forward for this well traveled troubadour. ... more


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Track Name: Greetings From Galway
It was human nature baby
You were clouding up my head
Occupying all my thoughts
Till there wasn't nothin' left
So I skipped town
I rambled around
Till my feet were blistering
Once I sat down
I looked around
I didn't recognize anything

Oh, all the miles I traveled I couldn't run from it
Oh, all the songs I sung couldn't make it go away
The pain I felt inside
When you left me that Halloween night

I drifted down to Carolina
I crossed the open sea
I woke up in Galway
I was finally feeling free
I kept on keeping on
Seeing all that I could see
Then I hoped aboard a ferry
It was headed to Germany

Oh, all the miles I traveled I couldn't run from it
Oh, all the songs I sung couldn't make it go away
Till I finally let go
I don't have control
Over anyone
Over anything
Except me
Track Name: Once Lovers Now Strangers
Once lovers
Now strangers
Two people just passing each other by
In this hallway tonight

I said "Hey, What you doing here?"
You said, "Im looking at all the art and beauty around me...
"I've been living in Laos. I've been living in the city of Hamburg"
"Teaching English on the side"
You said you caught a disease
You've been begging, "Please, please help me"

I said, "Hey ain't that great"
"I've been strumming and singing now as of late..
I've been staying in the Golden State."
Now I realize
It was my selfishness that caused our demise
Now we walk away
There's nothing left for us to say
There's nothing left to say

Once lovers
Now strangers
Track Name: Love Isn't What You See on TV
Love is patient
Love is kind
Love isn't jealous
It doesn't brag
Love isn't selfish
It's not provoked
Love does not seek it's own
Love isn't lust
Love isn't 6
Love Isn't What You Would Expect

Love never fails

Love is hope
Love is truth
Love will find a way to you
Love doesn't lie
Love never dies
Love holds no record of wrongs
Love is sacrifice
Love is laying your life down for your friends

Love never fails

Love Isn't What You See on T.V.
Love isn't what you watch in a movie
Love has no height
Love has no depth
True love you cannot measure it
Love has no fear
Love is sincere
Love is making all things new

Love never fails